er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Buenos Bergen Tango Weekend

Det er en glede å kunne invitere til Buenos Bergen Tango Weekend med PABLO OG SOFIA! 

MERK det er påmelding i par og priser er per par slik at dere betaler en gang her i skjema. Skriv gjerne inn partners navn. 



«In improvisation we trust». About tango, we love the possibility to build the dance through small moments. Even if we use patterns while dancing, we challenge the couple to decide step-by-step what will come next. We believe in the real improvisation.


In our classes, the dancers will work on awakening the body awareness and connection in order to develop the physical dialogue within the couple. Our technique work doesn’t only have an aesthetic purpose, it rather helps to find the comfort of the dancers in a relaxed and sensitive embrace. To stimulate the improvisation in your dance, we focus on short and useful situations rather than long sequences.


We provide students with useful information to help them develop a personal and creative dance, encouraging the diversity that we so much love about tango.



Tango Vocabulary - Focus on giros (turns), sacadas and boleos (Intermediate)

This seminar is conceived to widen and consolidate the tango vocabulary. Special focus will be made on the giro (turn), sacadas and boleos, with combinations always useful for social dancing. Get a better understanding of the elements by breaking them down and zooming into important technique details, Improvise and build the dance freely without depending on long sequences.

Qualities of movement and musicality (Advanced)

This seminar wants to bring dancers further than the forms of tango to explore the world of interpretation and expression. On these classes couples will work and get tips on ways to interpret the music and dig into the qualities of movement. Fulfill your dance with texture while getting inspired by the music. The dialogue inside the embrace.


Friday, September 2nd

1730-1900 Tango Vocabulary (Intermediate)

1915-2045 Qualities of movement and musicality (Advanced)

2100-0100 Milonga, Kong Oscars gate 15 – DJ: TBA


Saturday, September 3rd

1300-1430 Tango Vocabulary (Intermediate)

1500-1630 Qualities of movement and musicality (Advanced)

2100-0200 Grand milonga (incl SHOW), Kong Oscars gate – DJ: TBA


Sunday, September 4th 

1300-1430 Tango Vocabulary (Intermediate)

1500-1630 Qualities of movement and musicality (Advanced)

1900-2200 Sunday milonga

Registration only in couples; no refund after registration. You have to register for all classes in a seminar-package.

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked