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Last updated: 03.01.2020


Interpretation of the parties

In these Terms and Conditions, the following interpretations apply:

"Organizer" is the person, business and / or legal entity that has set up the event (s) and is the seller of the service / product published through our Solutions

is the person who uses the Solution to sign up / purchase space and / or service / product for an Event set up by the Promoter.

"Data Controller" is the person who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and the tools to be used.

"Data Processor" is the person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller

"Event" is the collective term for any event (concert, teambuilding, kick-off, etc.), membership, courses, conferences or other type of events where the Participant is required to register via our Solutions

The "Solution" is the common term for all our registration and payment solutions, delivered to the Organizer, through websites owned by Deltager AS or the Organizer and through our applications ("apps")

The "Registration page" is the website the Participant enters to register their registration

"Registration" is the common term for the entire process where the participant has completed a registration form and completed payment

"Payment Solution" means our online payment where you choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard or VIPPS

"Participant Fee" is the total price set by each Organizer and which Participant must pay in order to register their Registration

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions also include our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed through our website
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the applicable time constitutes an agreement between the parties as described in the "Parties" section. This page therefore distinguishes between Terms and Conditions for Organizers and Participants

Description of the Solution

The solution is provided by Deltager AS (VAT no. 982 111 986), from now on referred to as "we", "us", or "our(s), and includes an online registration and payment service for the Organizer. The purpose of the solution is to facilitate the sale of tickets for different types of Events and administration of Participants during and after an Event and sale of goods and services associated with the Event, the participant using the service has the opportunity to make a registration and possibly pay for the purchase.

The sign-up and payment solution is made available through cloud-based solutions on our websites, sub-domains, masked domains and mobile applications ("apps"). 

Deltager AS is the legal owner of the Solution, but only acts as an intermediary for the Organizer and the Participant. Deltager AS is not responsible for the execution of the individual arrangement, its quality or content.

Processing of personal data

A prerequisite for being able to use The solution involves acceptance of our privacy statement, not only because we process your personal information, but also because you must be aware of how your information is stored, who will have access to your personal data and your choices and rights (including how to withdraw any consent).

We have therefore prepared a separate Privacy Policy to provide you with more detailed information. In short, the processing of your personal data will be dictated by the purpose. For example:

  • When you enter your personal information on a Registration page, it will be the Organizer who is the data controller
  • When you provide your personal information via a contact form where you directly contact Deltager AS, Deltager AS will be the Data controller
  • When you provide payment information to purchase a ticket / seat for an Event, Deltager AS will be the Data controller
  • When you visit a website or signup page, information about you may be collected through cookies

We also wish to clarify that the processing and storage of your personal data is always in accordance with Norwegian law, including but not limited to EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and other personal data or subsequent legislation replacing them, regardless of who is the Data controller (It is the Data controller who has the legal responsibility to collect your personal data).

For more detailed information, we ask that you agree to our privacy statement . We have also prepared a separate policy for the use of cookies  (cookies), and in this you will, among others, be able to read about how to manage these.

Changes to Terms and Conditions and the Solution

We reserve the right to unilaterally change or update the Terms and Conditions. All changes apply from the time they were published through our Solutions, unless otherwise stipulated in Norwegian law or a separate contract with the Organizer.

You will see at the top of this page when the Terms and Conditions were last updated.

If new functions and payment services are developed, Deltager AS will, if it considers it appropriate, continuously supplement the Solution with these. Deltager AS also reserves the right to make changes to the content of the Solution and in routines for user identification, operation, technical specifications, system, opening hours etc.


This section governs the Terms and Conditions for using the Solution for the Organizer, defined as the person, business and / or legal entity that has set up the event and published these through our Solutions

Acceptance of the agreement

Acceptance of the terms, conditions and privacy statement at the current time The Organizer registers on the Solution, constitutes the contractual basis for the use of the Solution between the Organizer and Deltager AS, unless otherwise agreed in a separate contract.


To use the Solution, the Organizer must provide such information as is shown in the registration form in the Solution. This will include, but is not limited to, important information about the Organizer and contact information for the responsible person at the Organizer. For more information on how Deltager AS handles this personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Upon registration, the Orginizer will have immediate access to the Solution and may grant other persons access to the Solution based on role management (administrator, user or financial access).

In the event of changes to the given information about the Organizer, the organizer shall, without undue delay, enter the correct information under "Organizer profile" after logging in to the Solution.

User identity and password

To access the Solution, you have to log in using your username (email address) and password (self-selected). When registering as Organizer create its user (administrator), and at any time thereafter add more people to access the Solution (user, administrator or finance role). Remember that the Organizer is responsible for who they want to grant access to and must understand that those added must be informed of these Terms and Conditions as well as our  privacy statement .

The password must not be disclosed to any relatives, suppliers, Deltager AS, the police or anyone else. Otherwise, the password should not be used or stored in such a way that others can access it.

The password must therefore be remembered.

Electronic communication

The organizer agrees that communication regarding the Solution may take place electronically or by publication in the Solution, if it does not contravene Norwegian law or EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

By accepting these terms, this means that Deltager AS is given the right to contact the Organizer via the specified postal address, e-mail and / or telephone regarding, but not limited to, circumstances that will affect the customer relationship (eg price changes), information about our products and services (for example new functionality in the Solution), surveys (to improve the user experience of the Solution) or follow-up of inquiries to our support (for example follow-up).

You will, by electronic contact, be told how you can withdraw your consent if you no longer wish to receive information from us. Read more about your choices and rights in our privacy statement .

See also the section "The organizer's reponsobility and risk", cf. Organizer Terms and Conditions for electronic communications to Participants.

Price changes

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer accepts that all information, including, but not limited to, key conditions such as prices and costs, is provided in electronic form in the Solution, provided there is a legal basis for this and no other agreement is established in the contract.

The costs of creating, having and using the Solution will always be stated in the current price list contained in the Solution or by agreement. Deltager AS may unilaterally change the applicable pricing participation from two weeks after new prices are stated on the website or by arrangement.

The organizer's responsibility and risk

  • The organizer is responsible for ensuring that others do not have access to passwords and / or information stored on their own computer.
  • If the Organizer suspects that the password has been known to others, the Organizer shall, without undue delay, change its password to prevent abuse. If the Organizer itself does not have the opportunity to change the password, the Organizer must, without undue delay, notify our support so that they can block access on logged in pages.
  • If other circumstances arise that create a danger of abuse, the Organizer shall notify our support without undue delay.
  • The Organizer is responsible for all registrations and / or dispositions carried out with the Organizer's username and password, including registrations and / or dispositions made by anyone other than the Organizer, as long as the registration and / or disposition has been possible due to intention or negligence of the Organizer.
  • However, the Organizer is not responsible for the wrongful use of others which takes place after taking the measures to prevent abuse as mentioned above. The Organizer is nevertheless liable if someone whom the Organizer has given the right to log into the closed pages has intentionally or grossly negligent permitted the use. The Organizer is also responsible if you have failed to carry out the measures described immediately after the Organizer was suspected of the conditions mentioned under a, b and c.
  • The Organizer bears the responsibility and risk of errors arising from conditions related to his own computer equipment, programs or network connection.
  • The organizer is responsible for ensuring that the content they publish on the registration page complies with the The Copyright Act. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of images, text and video. Deltager AS may make the Organizer financially responsible for such breaches.
  • The Organizer is responsible for ensuring that the account number used for settlement is correct. Any changes / updates to these must, without undue delay, be changed by the Organizer. If there is a need for support, the Organizer should contact our support without undue delay.
  • The organizer has the responsibility for the processing of personal data collected via the Solution and is subject to the requirements and obligations set by the Personal Data Act and EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) or later legislation that supersedes them. This includes:
    • The organizer is responsible for limiting the collection of personal data (data minimization) to what is necessary to realize the collection purpose (for example, you only have to collect information that is relevant in order to carry out an Event).
    • The organizer shall ensure that the legal basis is in place for the collection of personal data for the collection purpose.
    • It is presumed that sensitive or sensitive personal data shall not be collected or registered via the Solution, unless the law provides for this (the Personal Data Act §9 - GDPR Article 9 no. 1). The organizer must contact the Data Inspectorate for such permission, and Deltager AS shall, without undue delay, be notified
    • The organizer is responsible for informing how personal data is used and how to maintain the right of access, be forgotten, data portability and consent.
  • Processing in violation of the Personal Data Act and EU Regulation 2016/679 (GPDR) or later legislation that supersedes them provides the basis for termination of the agreement.
  • The organizer will, in addition to current legislation, process personal data in accordance with our  privacy statement
  • The organizer agrees that Deltager AS uses subcontractors to register the information necessary to be able to control and execute payment orders initiated during use, or other areas of the Solution. An overview of who we share information with is listed in our privacy statement
  • Canceled event or event changes:
    • In the event of an Event being canceled or altered, it is the responsibility of the Organizer to notify this via email to all affected Participants
    • The Promoter is financially responsible for any defects / errors in the service / product sold by the Promoter via the Solution
    • The organizer is financially responsible for canceled event.
    • The Promoter is legally responsible for responding to inquiries from Participants due to defects / service errors or cancellations / changes to the Event (s).
    • Deltager AS does not reimburse participant fees for canceled arrangements.
    • All questions about the event and its implementation are addressed to the individual Organizer. In the event of unlawful inquiries to Deltager AS, as a result of breach of this, Deltager AS reserves the right to invoice time spent in accordance with. Participates AS at any given hourly rate as well as any directly attributable costs.


If the Organizer disputes responsibility for a disposition, the Organizer must make a claim for rectification without undue delay after the Organizer became or should have become aware of the relationship. The requirement must be made in writing for Deltager AS. If the Organizer claims that one may have been subjected to a criminal offense in connection with the disposition, Deltager AS may require the Organizer to report the relationship to the police.

Deltager AS's responsibility for payment with

  • Card payments
    When Deltager AS has accepted a payment order, Deltager AS is responsible to the Organizer for the amount to be transferred until the amount is credited to the recipient's bank. Deltager AS is not responsible for any losses due to circumstances on the part of the Organizer or the card issuer.
  • Invoice / OCR
    In addition to the standard terms for using the Solution, the following conditions apply to the use of the invoice:
    • All costs associated with the production and distribution of invoices are incurred by the Organizer.
    • When purchasing the service, the Organizer defines the amount of invoice solution required.
    • The costs associated with sending an invoice are stated on the Solution pages at all times. Upon activation of the invoice solution, the Organizer accepts post-invoicing for use unless otherwise agreed.
    • It is the Organizer's responsibility to ensure that invoice information is correct at all times. In the event of incorrect invoice information, the Organizer shall, without undue delay, notify Deltager AS by contacting our support .
    • If the end user does not pay an invoice, Deltager AS reserves the right to invoice the Organizer for the following:
      • Cost of invoice production
        • Including E-mail Invoice, EHF Invoice and Post Invoice.
      • Cost of reminders
      • Cost of transfer to debt collection (if agreed)

Temporary termination of Deltager AS's duties

Deltager AS's obligations under this agreement - including the payment obligation - will cease temporarily if an extraordinary situation arises which makes the fulfillment impossible (force majeure, such as war outbreak, strike, boycott, blockade or lockout). Deltager AS is not responsible for any losses due to such an extraordinary situation.

Incorrect crediting of settlement account

If the settlement account is incorrectly credited or charged with too low transaction cost amount, and this is due to errors on Deltager AS, a bank or one of Deltager AS's subcontractors, the error can be corrected by crediting or post-charging the settlement account. In the event of such an error, Deltager AS shall notify the Organizer without undue delay, unless the error has been corrected so that there is no real possibility that the Organizer has received incorrect information on the amount available. If the attribution or error burden is related to a criminal offense on the part of the Organizer, or from another who has been given the right to dispose of the settlement account, Deltager AS can withhold payments until the conditions have been finalized.

Incorrect load on transaction costs

If Deltager AS has wrongly charged the Organizer incorrect transaction fee and commission rate, Deltager AS shall without undue delay credit the settlement account for a corresponding amount. In the event of such error, Deltager AS shall notify the Organizer, without undue delay, unless the error has been corrected so that there is no real possibility that the organizer has received incorrect information on the amount available. Deltager AS is not responsible for any indirect losses.


Payment confirmation

A payment order is confirmed executed upon payment to the Organizer's settlement account. The organizer is responsible for verifying that an assignment has been completed. The payment order cannot be revoked or changed after it has been confirmed.

Registration and control information

Upon logging in to the Solution, the Organizer will have information about registrations, times for individual registrations, amount paid, and who has paid. The organizer shall check as soon as possible that the information is consistent with the settlement paid. In the event of disagreements, the Organizer shall notify Deltagers AS's customer service without undue delay.

Blocking access to login pages

The Organizer's access to the Solution may be blocked without notice if there are suspected criminal offenses. It must be notified by notification (electronic communication) as soon as possible after the lockout.

The organizer's termination and cancellation of the agreement

The Promoter may terminate or terminate the Solution for the customer relationship without prior notice, with the exception of where a written contract is signed. Any contract will not fall under this point and termination / cancellation of the contract must be in accordance with the contractual terms entered into between the parties when signing a contract

Upon termination / cancellation of the agreement, the Organizer shall be paid outstanding settlement, less any outstanding commissions and payment obligations arising from events that are in violation of Norwegian law.

Deltager AS 'termination and cancellation of the agreement

Deltager AS may terminate the agreement in writing with at least four weeks' notice if there is an objective reason. The reason for the termination must be stated. Upon termination by Deltager AS on its part, the Organizer shall be paid outstanding settlement, less transaction fees and commission rates, and any deduction of settlement arising from Events that are in violation of Norwegian law.

Operation and interruptions is normally in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, interruptions may occur. Deltager AS is not responsible for any damage or loss that the Organizer may incur in the event of a break in operation.


Deltager AS has all material and intellectual property rights to any software, documentation etc. provided by Deltager AS or Deltager AS's subcontractors. Such software, documentation, etc. shall not be handed over to others, sold, copied or otherwise used for purposes that have not been approved in writing by Deltager AS.


The agreement is governed by Norwegian law. Any disputes should be resolved by negotiation. If the negotiations do not proceed within a reasonable time, the case can be brought before the ordinary courts with Oslo District Court as venue.


The following Terms and Conditions apply to Participants, defined as the person using the Solution to sign up for an Event set up by the Organizer. 

Acceptance of agreeement

These Terms and Conditions and our  privacy statement  together with your registration, are confirmed by a receipt sent to you by email. e-mail, the total contract basis for registration.

Registration as a user of the service (optional)

If the organizer requires you to make a subscription in order to register for the event, you will have to provide such information as is shown in the registration form in the Solution.

This will be your personal login, but keep in mind that if you have already registered a user in the Solution, you will be able to log in with this information and do not have to create a new user.

If you forgot your password, there will be a "Forgotten Password" feature on the registration page.


Registration is done by receiving an invitation to attend an event and / or searching for the Event or Organizer via the Solution.

It is not required that you who make the registration must attend the event. It is therefore possible for others to sign up a Participant. In such a case, it is required that the person registering the Participant is aware that he or she has an obligation to provide information to the Participant in relation to these Terms and Conditions, Deltager AS's privacy statement  and any other terms / conditions of purchase stated by the Organizer on the Registration page.

When registering, you must enter the information requested on the Registration page. It is therefore important that you check the information you submit before completing payment.

Limitations / prices

It is the Organizer who sets the prices and any possible limit on the number of seats / tickets each Participant can buy

Checking the registration

Before confirming that you proceed to payment, make sure that the information you entered on the Registration page is correct

Payment Solution

Our Solutions offer two types of payment solutions, but it is up to the individual Organizer which are available when registering for an Event.

Nets provides our payment solution, where you can pay with Visa, MasterCard or VIPPS. Once you have chosen the desired payment method, you will be asked to provide your payment information before forwarding for verification

If the Organizer has made it possible to pay by invoice you will have to provide the invoice information as stated in the registration form. All invoices are sent via e-mail or EHF. Your payment information is shared with our subcontractors (Nets, Elavon and Visma) and the Organizer (s). For card payments, the Organizer will only see the date of payment and the type of payment method used. In the case of invoice payment, the Organizer will be able to see all the invoice information. For more information on how this information is used, please read our privacy statement .

Your order confirmation

Upon completion of the payment, you will be sent a receipt order confirmation (your receipt) to the email address you provided at Registration. The e-mail will be sent from ikke[email protected] , so be sure to check the junk mail if it is not received 10 - 15 minutes after registration.

It may be that the Organizer has also provided the opportunity to receive order confirmation via SMS, so that you can receive a QR code for your ticket (s). Therefore, always make sure to provide contact information relevant to the Registration. The SMS costs are covered by the individual Organizer.

Reservation Information

Below you will find Deltager AS's booking terms when registering for Events published via the Solution.

Information about the Event

Our general recommendation to all Organizers is to provide important and relevant information on the Registration page so that the Participants are aware of any terms or conditions that will apply when registering. Therefore, the Organizer must be contacted if there is anything that does not appear on the Registration Page or if you have other practical questions about the Event.

Deltager AS is not responsible for any missing and / or incorrect information provided on the Registration page.


The total cost of the registration will appear on the registration page, but also at the moment of payment before you complete your Registration.

The resulting price will include all expenses associated with the purchase.


Participation fee is settled by selected payment method (Visa, MasterCard, Vipps or invoice)

When paying by card or Vipps, the Participant fee will be charged when the verification is approved in the Payment solution. If the card issuer (the bank) rejects the transaction, e.g. If there is no cover or the card is blocked, the registration will not be completed. Deltager AS must refer to the bank here for more information on any error messages.

In case of invoice payment, payment will not be made until the invoice issued is paid in full. Any consequences of the invoice being unpaid when the Event is held are up to the individual Organizer. Therefore, remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have received and paid an invoice when this is chosen as the payment method. If you do not receive an invoice within 24 hours after your registration is done, please contact our support .

Examination of your Registration

After you have made a Registration, you should, as soon as you have the opportunity, check that the order confirmation is correct.

Your Registration will only be confirmed after payment is completed, by getting an order confirmation in your browser. The order confirmation will also be sent to you via email and / or SMS. This is your receipt and you should, as soon as you have the opportunity, check that the receipt is in accordance with the registration you made.

If you did not receive your receipt 10 - 15 minutes after the registration was confirmed, be sure to check the junk mail before contacting us. The email is sent from [email protected].

The receipt will show which event you have signed up for, Participant information and any other information such as the Participant information of others who were registered on the same occasion. There will also be an order number in the receipt that indicates your registration.

If it turns out that the Registration is incorrect, you must contact the Organizer to make the necessary changes. Contact information for the Organizer must be provided on the Registration page.

On a general basis, our customer center should not handle changes in Registration, as we are not responsible for the implementation of the Event. All changes must therefore be referred directly to the Organizer so that they always have control over the changes that are made.

Your rights to technical faults and deficiencies

If our receipt (order confirmation) sent you by email. e-mail, does not comply with the order you have made, you may, as the case may be, correct the error or cancel the registration.

This applies to circumstances where there is a technical error or lack of the type, but not limited to, that the participant information listed is incorrect from what was filled out.

We request that these types of inquiries be sent to us via email ( [email protected] ) so that we can confirm your inquiry with a case number.

If the error is due to the correction of participant information of the type, but not limited to having bought the wrong ticket or forgot to provide the correct information, we will have to refer to the Organizer.

Deltager AS is not responsible for the execution of the individual event, its quality or content. Deltager AS does not refund participation fees due to canceled event, which must be taken up with the individual organizer (see also the section "Canceled event or changes in arrangement" for more information about your rights)

Canceled event or event changes

In the event of an Event being canceled or altered, the Organizer shall notify all participants by e-mail. The Organizer is financially responsible for refunds or other claims due to canceled or changes to the Event and its implementation.

Deltager AS does not refund Participation fees for canceled event. All questions about the Event and its implementation are addressed to the individual Organizer.

Processing of personal data

Please see the section " Processing personal data ".

We also wish to remind you that you will find supplementary information regarding the processing of your personal data in our privacy statement .

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of tickets or other fixed benefits (cf. Processing of personal data §19b).


The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes in amicable terms. If this fails, you can bring the matter to the Consumer Council near where you live. All disputes shall be resolved under Norwegian law. If the case is brought before the courts, it should be decided in your (buyer's) venue, that is, usually near the place where you live.

Contact Us:

If you need help or have questions about your privacy, please contact Customer Service on 23 27 35 01 during the period 09:00 - 17:00 every weekday or send us an email