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11th Nordic Plasma Conference2024

Welcome to the 11th NORDIC PLASMA CONFERENCE 2024 registration!

All conference participants shall register on this page.

Please, fill in all mandatory registration form fields (*) and other fields at desired options. The accommodation cost at Hotel Alexandra is to be settled during checkout. Registration of more than one participant can be done by using the Add participant option at the bottom of this form to get all registrants on the same receipt. We kindly ask all to pay with credit card as this is the most efficient both for us and for you.

Bank account number or IBAN

In case of cancellations, we need your bank account number. Norwegian residents only need to register their bank account number. International participants need to register their IBAN (International Bank Account Number), name and address of their bank. These bank account details are also required for invited speakers to process travel support.

GDPR - Nordic Plasma Conference strive to comply with international GDPR security standards. On registration you accept that your name and affiliation details are published in the conference programme and abstract book.

If you need transport between the airport and the hotel, please enter your arrival / departure details on this form (these services are billed by the hotel).

If something is unclear, please contact Yngvar Thomassen (chairman). See his telephone number and email address to the right on this page.


Registration form

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Hotel accommodation
Hotel rooms are reserved at Hotel Alexandra according to your registration. The prices for a single and double room are NOK 2870 and NOK 2670, respectively (per person per night). The cost for lodging includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The fee includes the costs of coffee breaks and the conference dinner.
Name of accompanying person
You can order only one of the tours as the three tours go in parallel.
Arrival date
Departure date
Fill these if you need transfer between the airport and Hotel Alexandra (to be paid to the hotel according to the price list on the home page)!
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Flight number (departure)
Message to the organizers
Inform us about food allergies or another special requirements!
Bank account / IBAN
Norwegian residents enter only their bank account number. International participants enter their IBAN as well as information on their bank.
Name of the bank
Street address (bank)
Postcode (bank)
City (bank)
I accept that my name and affiliation is published in the Abstract book.