er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Lillehammer 13 - 15 January 2017

Sofia Saborido and Pablo Inza are coming to Lillehammer to celebrate our 20th anniversary! 

Are you coming?!?

 In 1997 a few enthusiasts startet dancing tango in what used to be Lillehammer's bank. And that was how Tango Banco started. Now we would like to celebrate that 20 years later, we are still dancing tango in this old, beautiful building. We have invited Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido to come and teach and dance for us, and they have accepted! Our DJs will be Trud Antzée and Birger Haugdal.

 Now we have the pleasure of inviting YOU to celebrate with us.

 There will be a lot of workshops, milongas and perhaps a few surprises!

Workshops fully booked for followers.


Friday 13 

1900-2030 WS Small cute moves for dancing in small Spaces.  Int/ Ad level

2100-0100 Milonga with DJ Trud Antzee

Saturday 14

1200-1330 L1 Let's go for a walk- creating comfort and togetherness in the embrace. All levels

1345-1515 L2 Milonga! Milonga Lisa and Traspie- get the rhythm and practice some cool ideas for the dance floor. Int level

1530-1700 L3 Upgrading sacadas: Adapt your body placement to get different types, speeds and effects in your sacadas for social Dance. Int/ Ad level

1900-2130 The dinner, prebooked.

2130-0200 Milonga  with DJ Birger Haugdal

Sunday 15

1300-1430 S1 Vals: Training rhythmical posibilities.  Int/Ad level

1445-1615 S2 Rolling in the abrazo: Find comfort to do everything in close embrace.  Ad level

Pablo and Sofia like to say about the classes:


VISION "In improvisation we trust" About tango, we love the possibility to build the dance through small moments. Even if we use patterns while dancing, we challenge the couple to decide step-by-step what will come next. We believe in the real improvisation

CLASSES In our classes, the dancers will work on awakening the body awareness and connection in order to develop the physical dialogue within the couple. Our technique work doesn’t only have an aesthetic purpose, it rather helps to find the comfort of the dancers in a relaxed and sensitive embrace. To stimulate the improvisation in your dance, we focus on short and useful situations rather than long sequences. 

GOAL We provide students with useful information to help them develop a personal and creative dance, encouraging the diversity that we so much love about tango.

Kulturhuset Banken (Kirkegata 41) Holbøsalen - a very nice ballroom.

Sleeping: If you like to book a room for the weekend, we can recommend Stasjonen. There you can sleep alone for 750,- Nok, or together with 1 friend for 900,- Nok, with 3 friends for 1200,- Nok. All is pr room/pr night, but if you sleep with a lot of friends it costs 300,- Nok pr.pers/pr night. Breakfast included for everybody

For this prices you have to book via use email or phone. Mark it with Tangoweekend.

Tourist things:

Kulturhuset Banken also houses Café Stift; we can recommend the place for eating.

Lillehammer you reach by car, or by NSB. 

* Promotional code is known for those who can use it.

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked