er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

ISBG Nordic Spring Seminar

On June 11th and 12th the Norwegian user group, ISBG, will be holding its spring seminar on collaboration, with a special focus on the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio.
The seminar will be held in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden, and this time ISBG is working with people in Sweden, Denmark and Finland to make it into a Nordic Event.

The venue will be at IBM’s Client Center

Privacy statement:
ISBG will carefully watch over the privacy of your registration information. By submitting the registration information, you (the registrant) agree that ISBG is allowed to use this information for communication about ISBG events, the entrance badge and all other event related actions. By registering for this event you accept these terms.

Participants will be charged 700 NOK (ca 75 Euros) upon registration. This sum covers our cost and is non-refundable.


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