er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Salsa Master (24th August -25th October)

Welcome back to the new round of dance courses that starts 24th August. Due to the current situation with the COVID, there will be a few changes in our courses.

Each course will have a maximum of 14 students.

7 followers and 7 leaders.

This is for safety reasons while we do what we love the most! We will apply the measures taken by the government that might be subject to change.

*Courses in which we dance alone:

1 metre distance away from each other.

*Courses in couple:

We will not change our dancing partner.

Those who come to the courses without a partner, need to wear mask so you can dance together with someone else.

Salsa Master 1 

Duration: 8 weeks (once a week) 

Mondays (17:00 - 17:55)

Instructor: Glesniel

In this course, our Cuban instructor will teach more complicated figures. This course is for those who already dance well and  want new input for learning advanced figures.

This course is for those who already master salsa well and participants must have a high level in order to attend the course!

Glesniel will challenge you with complicated steps, movements and fun combinations.

It is a prerequisite that the ratio of leaders to followers is balanced for each lesson. Therefore, it is extra important to sign up for the lesson ahead of time. The registration will be in the form of a waiting list on the app / website where we must approve each participant. So sign up now if you would like to join!

Minimum 5 couples to follow through with the course

For more info:

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked