er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Kizomba 1 New Beginners (24th August -25th October)

Welcome back to the new round of dance courses that starts 24th August. Due to the current situation with the COVID, there will be a few changes in our courses.

Each course will have a maximum of 14 students.

7 followers and 7 leaders.

This is for safety reasons while we do what we love the most! We will apply the measures taken by the government that might be subject to change.

*Courses in which we dance alone:

1 meter distance away from each other.

*Courses in couple:

We will not change our dancing partner.

Those who come to the courses without a partner, need to wear mask so you can dance together with someone else.

Kizomba Level 1 with Mina & Glesniel

Duration: 8 week course Tuesdays, 17:00 - 18:55 

(each lesson is two hours)

Passer for deg som aldri har danset Kizomba tidligere eller ønsker å friske opp trinn, følging/føring og rytme i et rolig tempo. 

I løpet av kurset skal du lære teknikken bak følging og føring i basic 1, 2 og 3, saida, virgula, hinge, og bounce og hvordan å kombinere disse.

Suitable for those who have never danced Kizomba before or want to freshen up steps, following / leading and rhythm at a leisurely pace.

During the course you will learn the technique of following and guiding in basic 1, 2 and 3, saida, virgula, hinge, and bounce and how to combine these.

For more info:

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