er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

NKS Miljøkjemi-Symposium NECS 2023

Click below to get further information.  Rightclick on choice 1-4  and information appear in a new pane in your webbrowser

  2. Go to REGISTRATION page for information and payment details
  3. View One page conference flyer
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Please enter Bank Account details in the case of possible refunds  of any charges or fees

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for both normal registrees and Exhibitors:  Both EXHIBITORS and normal registrees make registrations on this same page to the right here. Exhibitors need to choose between CARD or INVOICE payment options:

  • CARD PAYMENT for Normal Registrees - Choose the correct Class/Category) option in line 1 and fill in other option as required. Push the CONFIRM buttom at the bottom , proceed to card payment meny, fill in card details and finish. 
  • CARD PAYMENT for EXHIBITORS.  In line 1 (Class/Category) choose the Exhibitor (CARD) 3000 option and in the line 2 pull down meny, choose Exhibitor Space fee (7000) option. Proceed with other lines and push the  COMFIRM button, proceed to card payment meny for card details and finish.
  • INVOICE PAYMENT for Normal Registrees. We prefer CARD payment, but if you are absolutely not able to pay by CARD, please tick the Participant Invoice option and we send an invoice to you
  • INVOICE PAYMENT for exhibtiors - If you need an INVOICE fill in as follows: In line 1 (Class/Category), choose Exhibitor (INVOICE) option and in the line 2  Exhibitor Space fee (INVOICE) options, Fullfill registration; push the CONFIRM buttom and finish without payment. NECS will mail you a customer invoice. 
  • PLEASE NOTE : Tick the accept conditions check box, before you press the CONFIRM button to finish the registration
  • After registration all will get an ORDER CONFIRMATION document by your mail adress. This document contains the necessary transaction details required by the accounting. 
  • More then one registree on this form. Choose the Add Participant option at the bottom, and you can register addional persons on the same transaction.
The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked