er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Reggaetón Intermediate (24th January -25th March)

Happy New Year 2022

Welcome back to the new round of dance courses starting the  24th of January 2022

Reggaetón Intermediate with Glesniel

Duration: 8 weeks (once a week)  
Wednesdays from 20:00 - 20:55

The intermediate/ advanced class will have a more demanding choreography, and will progress at a quicker pace.
In my opinion, what is important is not to rush to the next level, but to learn as much as possible and enjoy the classes. If you have already taken two or three reggaetón courses with me, I would recommend the intermediate level. However, if you feel that the classes are very  challenging, you will still benefit from the beginners level even if you have taken classes with me before, as we will work on improving your movements.

About the dance:
It´s contagious rhythm increased in popularity as it swept over Cuba. Spicy, steamy, and sexy, it has become the dance of the new generation! This hot, rhythmic dance music with roots in hip-hop, salsa and reggae penetrates the body, making it impossible to stand still. Even Cuban grannies confined to rocking chairs can't help but dance while seated when hearing Reggaetón! It is a good mood booster to help keep spirits up! This dance employs sensual hip and shoulder movements, activating the whole body energetically. Over all, it is a lively, hot dance that increases good humor and exudes sexuality.

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