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Summer Dance Courses at USF Verftet

Hello and welcome to our summer dance day on the 6th of July 2023! 
Be ready to learn, have fun and enjoy those dance courses full of joy and moves with the Cuban instructor Glesniel! 

The courses are for anyone who wants a taste of these Caribbean  rhythms! We will have fantastic choreographies with many new moves and variations, that will improve your control of your body movements. Feel free to come, participate and invite your friends to dance with Cuba-Norge Dans.


The hours are as follows:
🔺️17:00 - Salsa Solo
🔺️18:00 - Salsa (Couple Course)
🔺️19:00 - Son (Couple Course)

The Social is included for course participants

🔺️20:00 - 23:00 - Social Summer Evening

Price for courses:

🔺️1 Course: 250,-

🔺️2 Course: 450,-

🔺️3 Course: 590,-

We are looking forward to it!

📍New round of DANCE COURSES start 21st August -20th October 2023.

⚜Timetable, info and registration⚜ 

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