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Swimrun to the Worlds End 24.08.2024 - 48k run - 9000m swim


Get ready for a fierce battle in the stunning Oslofjord archipelago with 48km running and 9000m swim 

Please read our Racemanual before entering this event. Minor changes can be published until race start. 



- Team Women 

- Team Men

- Team MIX

- SOLO Woman

- SOLO Men

Fees include:

  • Transport to the startline Ringshaug Beach - bus leaving from the Race hotel at 0330 hrs
  • BIB nr
  • GPS Tracker device with live broadcast
  • Swimcap
  • 5 Aid stations and refreshment at the finishline
  • Finisher t-shirt 
  • Medal and coffe mug
  • Price ceremony top 3 finisher women - men class incl SOLO

Grill buffet will be served as an option 

Accomodation at Scandic Havna Tjoeme will be announced in mid november. It will be possible to book appartement and rooms during the race weekend. 

NB: During registration pick only 1 as an option in "antall" 

Goes for one team or one solo registration.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to swim at minimum 2min 30 sec / 100m in a open water FJORD. You need to have several open water swim in salt water with current, tides and wind. If not, this is not for you! Lakes and lap swimming in a pool will help you but you need to be ok with the current and salt water sea.

Check out the webpage for more info. Racebriefing to be announced! 

PLEASE NOTE: As event organiser, we are entitle to postpone the event due to bad weather/strong wind or other unforseen circumstances.

All going well - Train hard and prepare yourself! See you in August 2024. 

Faerder National Park route  - so take care of your navigation, current, and tide water.... 

ROUTE part C Bolaerne islands



Are you sure you would like to register? This could be a rough swimrun

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Grill buffet at the Finishline Havna
YOU must read and understand the rules and declaration of Swimrun to the Worlds End 2024 - see attachment! Right side! Yes sure do! I can swim at 2.30min/100m in minimum 0.5-1m wave height. I can maintain speed due to local current up to 2-3 knots. I do know how to handle waves, tides and current. I have trained properly and prepared to do this swimrun classic of 9000m open water swimming. Running on asphalt, gravels and others. Please prepare,
Check attachment
Check attacment - DECLARATION SWIMRUN TO THE WORLDS END 2024 By signing this document, I am aware of and agree to the following: ALL CONTESTANTS - I do have experience in openwater swimming. I AM CAPABLE OF SWIMMING IN OPEN WATER at minimum 2min 30 sec pr 100m with tide/waves and local current. I have done several crossing in openwater (ocean) and know the risk of navigation, current, waves and cold water swimming. I HAVE TRAINED PROPERLY to prepare myself to this CHALLENGE! If not this is not for you!! I am aware of the risks and dangers of participating in this competition. I confirm that I am in good physical and mental shape. I know what to do if an emergency situation occurs. I DO understand the meaning of SIPE (lungeødem) All of my personal equipment is in good condition, and I have full responsibility for my personal gear from start to finish. Officials and crew can take me out of the race if its harmful or improper for me to continue the race. I will not deviate from the original route. Participation is at the participant's own risk. The organizers may publish photographs of the participants, without asking for permission. The route is partly marked. The route is completed at the race briefing and I am responsible for navigating the highlighted route. If the event/race is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen conditions, my entry fee will not be refunded. I am obliged to help others if an emergency occurs. All participants are required to stay within the route track By signing this declaration, I confirm that I have read and understood this document, the official race manual and the rules for the SW 24.08.2024 NB: Lost GPS tracker will be charged by NOK 1400.- Please take care! Havna, Tjøme 23.08.2024
Mandatory license and registration fee Swimrun WE
Will you train and prepare properly for this challenge?