er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Cuban Salsa Weekend m ANDY &Yuliet 11-12 mars 2023- Nivå Improver

SalsaNor Trondheim invites you to a Cuban happening, with a whole weekend of fun at Tunga.

There will be one party, and a 2-day course with Andy & Yuliet .

On Saturday there will a course with Andy & Yuliet from 10:30-12:30, as well as a party from 20:00-24:00.

On Sunday there will be a course with Andy & Yuliet from 11:00-13:00.


The courses are adapted to those who have already danced a little salsa and know the basics from before.

Beklager, påmeldingsfristen er utløpt. Ta kontakt med arrangøren for mer informasjon