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FAIR data stewardship course & practical training

NeIC is pleased to offer a refreshed course on data management, FAIR principles and data stewardship skills development (including exercises and practical applications).

This is an introduction to data stewardship based on the FAIR principles, guidelines for good data management practice. The goal is to provide an understanding of the FAIR principles and the basic skills needed to assist researchers and data scientists in preparing their data for publishing/sharing and reuse.

Introduction module:

In this module we provide an introduction to the main topics required to become a FAIR data steward, including a thorough introduction to FAIR data management and the importance of preparing data and metadata for reuse. An essential part of FAIR relates to supporting the ability of artificial agents to interpret discovered information and act accordingly. We look at how vocabularies and certain semantic attributes can help facilitate this.

Hands-on module: 

The participants are exposed to some tools and techniques that will help them apply the FAIR principles in practice. In particular the use of metadata standards, semantics, ontologies and Linked Data will be covered. On day two of this module, we apply the methods on a real-world use-case using available tools and the participants will work in groups on one or several use-cases.

Following the hands-on module the participants should have experience applying the FAIR principles and appropriate tools for better data discovery and reuse.


NeIC offers a subsidised price for academic participants to the course, so when you register to the event and select a category (full, theory, practical), it will need to be reviewed and authorised by NeIC before the subsidised price is applied.  So when you register, you will not be forwarded to the payment page until the registration has been reviewed. Please allow up to 10 days for this to occur. 

To get the "NeIC subsidised" price, please contact [email protected].

The course is held by Luiz Bonino (University of Twente).

The main topics of the course are as follows:

Online (4x 3h sessions in May, 13, 15, 21, 23 @13-16 CEST)

  • Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship;
  • Detailed explanation of the FAIR principles;
  • Introduction to the FAIRification process on metadata and data
  • Introduction to semantic interoperability
  • Introduction to Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies
  • Introduction to the tools to be used in the FAIRification process (FAIR Data Point)

On-site  in Oslo, Norway (2 days, June 10-11, @09-17 CEST):

  • (Day 1) Hands-on exercises in Linked Data and use of FAIR Data Point
  • (Day 2) Use-case on FAIRification (all aspects)

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Introduction course to FAIR principles and application to data and metadata.