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Followers Master program - FOLLOWERS sign up Tunga spring 2024

Follower Master Program
‼️for ALL SALSA styles and levels
🗓️ one Friday evening a month during 6 months
📒6 x 2-hours blocks dedicated to one of 6 building blocks of Art of Following - check the dates and topics below
💃🏻🕺🏽Theory, technique, drills, exercises solo & with partners, +homework!  

Spring 2024 

Fridays 17.00-19.00
17.00 - 18.00 Followers (solo training)
18.00 - 19.00 Followers + leaders (couple training)

Jan 19: Rhythm & Body coordination 
Feb 9: Balance 
Mar 8: Frame & Connection 
Apr 19: Space & Distance 
May 10: Rotation 
May 31: Music, expression & confidence 

Popular question we will answer: 
What does it mean to follow on the dance floor? 
What’s my role, rights and responsibilities as a follower? 
What does influence my following? 
Why do I struggle to understand what a leader wants from me? 
How can I be more responsive while following? 
What to do with the feeling of shame or quilt when I make a “mistake”? 
How can I be more myself and express myself more openly on the dance floor? 
What is Ladies Styling and how can I do it on the top of my following? 
How can I dance and follow with more musicality? 
How can I have more fun when I dance with a partner? And more… 

You will learn how 
- to listen to a follower 
- give & hold the space for a follower 
- respond 
- give suggestions 
- show direction 
- influence dynamic 
Popular question we will answer: 
Why “it doesn’t work in social dancing”? 
What can I do when “something didn’t work”? 
How do I improve my leading? 
How can I go out of my head? 
What can I do when pattern does not go as planned? 
How can I create new patterns? 
How do I improvise in couples? 
How can I react to follower improvisation? 
How can I use music in couples?



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