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Hello and welcome to ImanTalks!

Imantalks is a new project I have started so that I can meet all of you guys!

I get messages from you and I read your comments everyday, but it would be so amazing to actually get to see you face to face for once! In these times many of us are home and have few to talk with, and that's why I am here right now. If you need someone to talk to or if you have something specific you would like to talk about, this is the place and I am the one.

About me

Hi! My name is Iman Meskini and I am 24 years old. I am half Norwegian (mother) and half Tunisian (father), but was born and raised here in Norway. I have lived most of my life in Oslo, but lived in Syria for almost 5 years when I was little. I am a practicing Muslim and have completely fallen in love with my own religion after A LOT of reading! It even made me take a bachelor degree in Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic, and I also went on an exchange to Jordan for 4 months, an experience that changed me.

When I was 17 years old I was asked to join an audition of this Norwegian drama series I had never heard about, and luckily I went! I got to become the first Muslim actress girl wearing a hijab in a Norwegian series EVER. I played the role of Sana Bakkoush in all 4 seasons, having the lead role in the fourth and last season. 

After finishing SKAM I went to the Norwegian Air Force to do my firts-time service in the Army. I was there for a year and it became a really positive experience for me where I learned a lot of new things about myself and others.

3 years ago I found the love of my life, and just one year later we got married. It was a big choice to do at such an early age, but it was the easiest choice I have ever made. And today I couldn't be more happy that I went for it and married my best friend.

Life now is quiet and calm because of the situation we're in, and even though I have my husband and many family members to talk to through this rough time, I know that many of you don't. So if you are up for a talk with me, don't hesitate to sign up and book yourself a call with me right now! I look forward to talk with you about whatever you want to talk about. 


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