er blitt LetsReg- Norges ledende påmelding og betalingsløsning

Kizz Ryder ONE - Improver

 Kizz Ryders ‘ONE’ concept means that we are all ‘ONE’. We all dance as ‘ONE’. This philosophy meets also the KIZZ  Ryders - Salsanor was natural to create this event together as ‘ONE’. 

Salsanor Trondheim And Kizz Ryders invites you to the Urban Kiz happening. We show up and serve a whole weekend of fun in Tunga.

There will be three parties, and a 2-3 day course with  Kizz Ryders together with our own Mariell Ytrehus. The stage is set for a terrific weekend!

On Friday, we start the weekend:

Course Improver: 19:30-21:00

Party: 21:00-00.30

 On Saturday:  

Course Improver: 10:00-12:00

Party from 21:00-01:00.

On Sunday

Course Improver 12:00-13:30,

Farewell party from 17:30-21:00.

The courses are adapted to those who have already danced a little kizomba and know the basics from before.

In addition to courses and a DJ, we are lucky and get a number of special guest dancers.

This is a weekend you don't want to miss. Enrollment will be balanced, so in the event of an imbalance, lead/follow will be closed until we are balanced again. If you are unable to register, try again later. First come, first serve, so sign up today!


Beklager, påmeldingsfristen er utløpt. Ta kontakt med arrangøren for mer informasjon