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Latest Generation Acoustic Array for Well Diagnostics

Date: December 6th
Time: 1800 (Presentation starts 1830)
Victoria Hotel

The presentation is free of charge and open to everyone. Registration is only required for the following dinner. Cancellations must be made before the registration deadline and are subject to a small fee.

Latest Generation Acoustic Array for Well Diagnostics

By Remke Ellis (TGT Oilfield Services)


Establishing the details of fluid movement in wells and reservoirs is a complex and vitally important oilfield challenge. When asset teams have an accurate picture of what is happening in and around their wells, they can confidently select strategies that protect their assets, decarbonise operations and enhance performance. Modern spectral acoustic systems can reveal a wealth of crucial information about well-system flow. But the accuracy of an acoustic diagnosis, and the quality of the decisions based upon it, hinges on the fidelity and resolution of the sound recording and the effectiveness of processing and analysis technologies. Decoding complex sound signals and extracting useful flow information from them requires a special combination of technology, expertise and experience. A new generation acoustic array platform has been developed that, 1] extends spatial and audible reach to record the furthest and quietest flows; 2] recognizes different types of flows; and 3] locates flow sources with pinpoint accuracy, in depth and radially.


Remke Ellis is from Aberdeen and has academic background in Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering. In 2012 he began working in oil industry with principle roles in Reservoir and Production engineering. In early 2016 he joined TGT UK as Reservoir Engineering Domain Champion and in 2017 switched to Project Manager role supporting TGT operations across Africa. He is now based permanently in Stavanger as Domain Champion supporting all Norway operations.

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