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Rigzin Jatsön Rinpoche - June 14-16 2024

Kyerim, dzogrim og bardo 

 - Development, Completion, and the Intermediate State

Venerable Rigzin Jatsön Rinpoche, a master of the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, is known for his extensive knowledge and deep compassion. Rinpoche is regularly invited to France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where he helps spread the Buddha's teachings based on the motivation to benefit all sentient beings. Rigzin Jatsön Rinpoche currently resides in Taiwan where he directs several centers for Dharma study and practice. This is the first time he visits Karma Tashi and Norway.

We have the great honor to welcome Ven. Rigzin Jatsön Rinpoche to Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Center June 14.-15. The course starts on Friday with Ven. Rigzin Jatsön Rinpoche giving teachings on kyerim and dzogrim -development and completion - two phases that are included in most vajrayana meditation texts. On Saturday and Sunday, Rinpoche will give teachings on bardo – the intermediate state between death and rebirth. The visit ends on Sunday with Rinpoche giving initiation to the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities related to the Bardo Thodol, " 'Liberation through hearing during the intermediate state " - known in the West as The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, but we recommend those who are not familiar with kyerim and dzogrim to attend the entire course. All teachings are in English. There will be no translation.

Bardo is a Tibetan word which means "gap" or "intermediate state". All transitional phases or spaces we experience between two states, can be called a bardo. Bardo often refers to what we experience in the period between death and the next rebirth. For ordinary people, like us, experiences in this bardo can be very frightening, with uncontrolled flows of impressions, extremely loud noises, and terrifying visions. These experiences are influenced by our previous actions, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore, while we are still alive, we can prepare ourselves so that we can face death with an open and fearless mind. To prepare for the bardo, there are various exercises and meditations where we practice how to deal with our negative emotions such as anger, desire, pride, doubt, and fear.

From a Buddhist point of view, it is said that we must face our inner demons and neuroses to develop fearlessness. Such fearlessness arises from cultivating clarity and transforming ignorance into insight into the true nature of all phenomena and our minds. Vajrayana or Tantric meditation is particularly suitable for this. Tantric meditation contains the phases kyerim and dzogrim.

Kyerim is the phase where we build up a visualization (form) and identify with it, while dzogrim is the completion phase where everything dissolves into emptiness (formlessness). All exercise that is based on form, not just visualization in vajrayana, has a formless aspect that is more real, greater and more powerful than the form itself. Development and completion transform our usual perceptions and ways of seeing things. Form and emptiness are inseparable. Similarly, sounds, thoughts, all experiences, and perceptions are inseparable from emptiness. Everything loses its solidity and becomes fluid. If we manage to remember this in our daily lives, we might not be so upset when someone shouts at us. Perhaps we hold less firmly to our perceptions, thoughts, ideas, and memories. Things are not as solid and real as we perceive them to be. We are the ones who give them meaning, value and reality.

It is also said that kyerim (the development phase) and dzogrim (the completion phase) are related to different stages of the bardo, and practicing these phases opens up the possibility of becoming enlightened in the bardo.

Schedule (subject to change)

Friday June 14 

16—17.30 Teaching on Kyerim og Dzogrim

17.30—19:30 Dinner Break 

19:30—21 Teaching on Kyerim og Dzogrim

Saturday June 15

11—12.30 Teaching on Bardo

12.30—16 Lunch and Break

16—17:30 Teaching on Bardo

Sunday June 16

11—12.30 Teaching on Bardo

12.30—16 Lunch and Break

16—17:30 Teaching and Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities Empowerment

You may participate only on Friday 14 June, only on the weekend Saturday and Sunday 15-16 June or all three days. The participant contribution includes tuition and a hot meal per day. Until May 16, we offer Early Bird at a discounted price.

Retired, unemployed and students who have paid membership fee in 2024 or are members of the Buddhistforbundet with affiliation KTLBS, are eligible to a 20% discount. Young people up to 18 years of age and ordained in robes can get a 50% discount. Gold card for 2024 gives free participation.

Venue: Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Center (KTL), Bjørnåsvn. 124, 1272 Oslo.

The temple is located at Bjørndal in the Søndre Nordstrand district.

The nearest subway is Mortensrud, the nearest bus stop is Sommerro.

Attendance: Please arrive in good time before the teachings start, and we will be very happy. We need time to register who has arrived.


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