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Urban Kizz (kizomba) Weekend - Improver mars 2024

 Kizz Ryders ‘ONE’ concept means that we are all ‘ONE’. We all dance as ‘ONE’. This philosophy meets also the KIZZ  Ryders - Salsanor was natural to create this event together as ‘ONE’. 

Salsanor Trondheim And Kizz Ryders invites you to the Urban Kiz happening. We show up and serve a whole weekend of fun in Tunga.

There will be three parties, and a 2-3 day course with  Kizz Ryders together with our own Mariell Ytrehus. The stage is set for a terrific weekend!

Student? Kampanjekode: studentpris and get 15% discount

On Friday, we start the weekend:

Course Improver: 18:00-19:30

 On Saturday:  

Course Improver: 11:00-12:30

On Sunday

Course Improver 12:00-13:30,

The courses are adapted to those who have already danced a little kizomba and know the basics from before.


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