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WSET1 vin nivå 1- English

WSET1 wine course is a very good introduction to wine. 

The course takes 5 hours including a Multiple Choice Exam at the end. Norwegian speaking are also welcome. The slides, book and exam are all in English as normal and this course will be taught in English as well.

You will learn how wine is made, the different types of wine and the different wine styles. You will be introduced to 8 different grapes and their styles.

You will learn about storage, serving and food and wine combinations. You will also be introduced to the tasting technique SAT - Systematic Approach to Tasting through the the tasting of 8 different wines.

Included in the price is the WSET1 workbook that you will get on the day or pick up at Aftenbladet/St.13/Ostehuset Øst or Hinna. The exam fee, tasting of eight wines as well as Champagne after the exam are also included. 

The course is for you who want to better understand the world of wine. It will enable you to more easily select wines at the wine shop or in a restaurant. Knowledge that will follow for the rest of your life.

If this is a gift then please put the name and birthdate of the recipient as the name of the participant but your own email address.

The booking is binding and can not be changed, The booking fee is not refunded. But you can change the name prior to 3 August..

The course will only have 10 participants.

Emma  Holm will run the course and she has WSET3.

Welcome to a very interesting course!

Unfortunately, there are no free slots on this event