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Last updated: 03.01.2020

Privacy Policy

Deltager AS, VAT. no. 982 111 986, (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us" or "our (s)") offers an enrollment and payment solution to organizers. The purpose of the solution is to facilitate the sale of tickets for events, manage participants during and after an event and the sale of goods and services related to the event.

The sign-up and payment solution is made available through cloud-based solutions on our websites, sub-domains, masked domains and mobile applications ("apps"). Hereafter referred to as the "Solution" or "The Solutions".

The following statement is subject to updates and we will refer at the top of the page to the date it was last updated. In case of significant changes, and where required by law, we will notify you via electronic communication or highlight this in the Solution itself. This is especially true of changes where the law ensures that we must obtain new consent.

We therefore recommend that you read this Privacy Statement every time you use the Solution or receive notice that these have been updated / changed. By continuing to use the Solution, after the last update, this will be considered as acceptance of the applicable declarations.


"Data controller" and "data processor" are important roles to understand when it comes to the responsibility for processing personal data. Depending on the purpose, we may act as a data controller, data processor or both, and have specific responsibilities as a result of that, But let's first look at the different definitions of the different roles:

  • Data controller; the person who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data and what tools to use. "Processing of personal data" means any use of personal data, such as the collection, registration, compilation, storage and disclosure or a combination of such uses.
  • Data processor ; the person who processes personal data on behalf of the controller but not otherwise than what is agreed with the controller

This means that the roles will depend on the purpose. For example: 

  • When registering, you will be required to disclose personal data as stated in the registration form, but minimum name, mobile number and e-mail address. It is the Organizer who has the legal responsibility to ensure that you have the legal basis for obtaining the information (Section 8 of the Personal Data Act), but the responsibility for processing will depend on who uses your personal data. By this we mean:
    • When registering, we will use your e-mail address and any mobile number to send you the order confirmation / receipt. We are then responsible for processing and data processing
    • Upon registration, the Organizer will use your personal data in order to organize the Event and communicate relevant information. The organizer is then responsible for processing and we are a data processor

    The solution should not be used to collect sensitive personal data, unless the organizer can explicitly justify this on the basis of section 9 of the Personal Data Act (GDPR Article 9). Should you find that the organizer is in violation of applicable law for the collection of your information, please contact us.

  • Upon payment, we will collect payment information in order to verify payment and maintain our obligations to the organizer by getting them paid for your registration. The collection is based on the Personal Data Act 8b (GDPR Article 6c) and we retain personal data in accordance with the Accounting Act and the Money Laundering Act. We are then responsible for processing and our card acquirer (Nets / Elavon) is a data processor
  • When visiting our solutions, it will be possible to collect personal data via registration / contact form and cookies . This type of collection is made to promote our solutions on the basis of section 8f of the Personal Data Act (GDPR Article 6f) and the Marketing Act §15.We are then responsible for processing and possibly the third party we use for our marketing (eg a MailChimp for sending out newsletter) be a data processor.
  • When creating a user account to gain access to the Solution, we will collect the personal data that is processed in order to be able to deliver / execute the service based on the Personal Data Act §8a (GDPR Article 6b). We then operate both as a controller and a data processor. 

More information about what personal data is collected, how it is used and stored and your choices and rights can be found further down this page. You can also use the menu on the left to navigate through the sections.

What type of personal data do we store and collect

We collect and store different types of information when using the Solution, whether it is by signing up for an event, creating an organizer account or user profile, contact form, use of the Solution and social media. Here we will go a little deeper into these:

  • When you create an organizer account or user profile, we will collect personal data as it will appear from the registration form. This will typically be contact information and account number information.
  • When you use the Solution or our application, we collect information using cookies. Typically, this is the browser and device you are using, IP address, geographic and demographic information, site visitor behavior, and duration of your session. Here, we recommend reading more about this type of information collection through our Cookie Policy .
  • When using social media to log in to the Solution. This is a voluntary choice, but if you use Facebook login, for example, we will receive information that will identify you at login. Here, we recommend reading more about this type of information collection through our Cookie Policy . Personal data is used to verify you - so this will be your name, mobile and email address
  • When you use the Solution when registering for an event, the information we collect will appear on the registration form. It is the individual Organizer who decides what information to collect and the purpose of the treatment. Typical personal data can be name, mobile number and e-mail address
  • If you are under 13, you must not submit personal data through the Solution. We encourage all parents and guardians to monitor children's online use and to help comply with these guidelines. In the event that an organizer requests personal data from children under the age of 13, via the Solution, there must be clear and clear consent from parents or guardian.
  • When you contact us via a contact form or sign up for our newsletter, we will collect personal data that includes your contact information. This is to enable us to respond to your inquiry and / or provide you with the information you have requested via our newsletters

How your personal data is used and why

We collect and use personal data for many reasons, but only in a way that is consistent with these terms. E.g. in order for us to send you a receipt / order confirmation upon purchase, ensure that you have access to the Solution, share marketing news or where there are other legal grounds for collecting your personal data. Below is a more detailed description:

  • When registering for an event, where acceptance of our terms and conditions forms the basis of the agreement, we will use your personal data to:
    • Give you access to sign up for closed events
    • Process your order
    • Be able to receive and register your payment
    • Be able to send you a receipt / order confirmation on your purchase
    • Give you help via customer support
    • Provide assistance to the organizer for any refunds
    • Give the organizer the opportunity to get in touch with any changes in the event, etc. that are important to your purchase
  • In order to fulfill our obligations to the organizers, we will arrange for the organizer to have access to personal data for the purpose of:
    • Communicate with participants, but only for the purpose for which they were originally collected (e.g. changes or cancellation of events)
    • For the organizer to plan the event according to the needs of the participants
    • For the organizer to send you event reminder (s)
    • For the organizer to verify your purchase
    • To ensure that the organizer can organize the event according to. security needs
    • Ensure proper access control
    • Ensure the correct recipient (s) when submitting settlement reports

    We remind here that the organizer has the responsibility for the treatment and should never use the Solution communication opportunities (e-mail or SMS) without this being allowed in law. We refer all organizers to our Terms and Conditions.

  • To our legitimate business interests
    • In order to handle incoming, but voluntary, inquiries via contact form or other inquiries that may occur during market activity
    • Market activities, where consent is given, to be contacted (eg newsletter) or market activity where we ask for consent before participating (eg surveys when visiting the Solution)
    • Communication, where there is no requirement for consent, of the type of order follow-up, changes in prices or other material matters that affect the relationship between us and you
    • To protect our own and our Affiliates' legal rights or as otherwise permitted by law. This can be the storage and documentation of payment transactions according to regulations on the Accounting Act and the Money Laundering Act  or, but not limited to, detect fraud
    • To prevent abuse and other illegal behavior, we may use your personal data. These may be circumstances where you are granted access to an organizer account, we will be able to use your personal data to view event logs if you change the account number to which ticket revenue is transferred. Other conditions may include, but are not limited to, resale tickets for events using check-in.
    • For internal business purposes, which may help us improve the content and functionality of the Solution, to better understand our users, to improve the Solution, to protect against, identify or address wrongdoing, to enforce our Terms of Use, to manage your account and provide you with customer service, and generally manage the Solution and our business.
  • Other matters where you have given your consent
    • If you are on a waiting list for an event and you are expected to be contacted for information on seats for the event
    • By using cookies (including cookies and pixels) to provide you with a better user experience when visiting the Solution and delivering customized ads. See our Cookie Policy for more information on how to use it and how to disable it.

Who we share your personal data with and why

First and foremost, we would like to point out that we are not in the business of selling your personal data. We consider this information to be an important part of our relationship with you, and do not want to abuse your trust when leaving data in our solutions. Therefore, we will not sell personal data to third parties, including third-party advertisers.

However, there are certain circumstances in which we may transfer or share your personal data with certain third parties without further notice to you, as set out below

  • In the event of a sale of the Company, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, personal data may be part of the transferred assets. You will be notified via email and / or a prominent message in the Solution if a transaction takes place, as well as any choices you may have about your personal data
  • We may also share your personal data with our parent, subsidiary and / or other affiliates for purposes that are only in accordance with these guidelines. This is to deliver, operate and develop the Solution. Companies should only have reasonable access to the information where deemed necessary.
  • Third-party vendors that provide content services in the Solution (they are then processors), such as server hosting of our servers to ensure stable IT operations, back-up storage and database services, payment solution or SMS services. We will keep all data processing agreements with such companies and ensure that they only have access to personal data for the purposes set out in these guidelines and that they comply with all privacy laws and EU Regulation 2016/679
  • We may share your personal data with the involvement of marketing agencies, but only in accordance with these guidelines and in accordance with the guidelines. any applicable law on privacy and EU Regulation 2016/679. This includes, among other things, that your consent must be given if this type of company is used
  • We share your personal data with the organizers, in accordance with these policies and our Terms and Conditions . In such a case, the organizer is responsible for processing your personal data as it is those who determine what type of personal data that must be entered in the registration form and thus legally responsible for using the personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they are stated.

    Deltager AS is not responsible for the processing of the personal data of the organizer with respect to your personal data. It is important that you, as a participant, review the current guidelines of the organizers before registering your information.

  • Third Party User Behavior Tracking Components, etc. This involves the use of cookies (cookies and pixels) to improve your user experience when visiting the Solution and to deliver targeted ads. Read more in our Cookie Policy for more information on how to turn them off.
  • Legal reasons such as subpoenas or request from a court or government agency, or in good faith that such action is necessary to
    • protect or defend our rights, interests or property or for third parties
    • prevent or investigate possible wrongdoing in connection with the Solution
    • act in emergencies to protect the personal safety of Users of the Solution or the public
    • protect against legal liability.

Your options and rights


You have several options when it comes to withdrawing your consent. Below is information on how to do this:

  • This is not directly a matter of consent, but you can choose to limit the information you provide. This can be done, for example. such as entering a telephone number for a switchboard or using an email address that is not your personal email (e.g. [email protected]). If you choose not to disclose or restrict personal data, you may not be able to use a specific feature of the Solution. For example, to register a user / organizer account, or buy / sell tickets, your name and email address will be required.
  • You can disable cookies and other tracking tools. See our Cookie Policy for more information.
  • In order to no longer receive marketing material from us, you will receive instructions on how to unsubscribe from each broadcast. You can also contact our customer service and ask us to do this for you.
  • In order not to receive promotional material from an organizer, you will need to contact the relevant organizer if there are no instructions in the broadcast on how to unsubscribe from such communications.
  • You can disable your social media links, if used. Read more about this in our Cookie Policy .
  • If you use our app and have chosen to receive push notifications, they can be disabled in your device settings or directly in the app
  • Certain broadcasts are automated and can e.g. be sending out order confirmation / receipt, event updates or payout reports. Therefore, regardless of whether you have consented to previous broadcasts, you will still be able to receive this type of communication as it is directly related to new activities you undertake via the Solution.

    You can stop receiving these types of emails just by contacting us (see contact information at the bottom of the page). By stopping receiving all electronic communications, you risk not receiving important information as described in these guidelines. We do not recommend that you do this unless you plan to no longer use the Solution, no longer arrange an event or no longer have connection to other arrangements and will not need to receive further communication from us or through the Solution.


You also have rights to how your personal data is used. Below you can see these:

  • The right to oppose that we process your personal data.
  • The right to request that your information be deleted or that further use of it is restricted.
  • The right to request a copy of the information we store about you.
  • The right to correct, change or update information provided by you in connection with a registration (contact the organizer) or your account information (if you have an account with us, you can also do this by logging in and updating your information).
  • The right to contest all kinds of automated decisions we make about you. An automated decision is a decision made without human intervention and which has legal consequences (e.g. credit check). We do not usually use automated decision-making, but if we do, we will inform it when such decisions are made.

To exercise the above rights, you must send us a written request to [email protected]. Please note that all requests are carefully considered, and the rights may vary depending on where you live and any legal requirements we may have. Therefore, we may not be able to comply with your request. If this is the case, we will explain to you why.

How we store and how long we keep your personal data

We always have and will take the necessary security measures to protect the personal data collected through the Solution from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, accidental disclosure, alteration and destruction.

Although we have implemented security measures to protect your information, please note that no security system is impenetrable. Thus, we cannot guarantee that data is completely safe from the intrusion of others while transmitting such data over the Internet or while stored on our systems. Therefore, you should take special care in deciding what information you send to us electronically.

We may retain and store your information as long as you continue to use the Solution, in accordance with the purpose described in our privacy statement. Personal data will be deleted when the purpose is no longer present. However, we may retain certain personal data for an additional period that is permitted or required by applicable law (for example, the storage of payment transactions in accordance with the Money Laundering Act). Even if we delete your personal data from the Solution, it may persist on the backup disk. We also want to make sure that these are deleted / destroyed, but with a longer process in mind.

Feel free to contact us, via the contact information at the bottom of the page, for more information about deleting data or our security measures.


Our privacy statement does not apply to personal data that you provide / share to another user or visitor through the Solution to organizers of the event pages or information posted by you to all public areas of the Solution.

These guidelines only apply to the use of our solutions. For example, signup sites may contain links to other websites that are not operated or controlled by Deltager AS ("Third Party Sites"). We suggest that you contact these sites directly for information on their policies and privacy policy.

Cookies placed on the registration page upon request of the organizer. Some organizers may contact us to place cookies and / or pixels in order to track and analyze user behavior in own marketing. In such a case, we will inform the individual organizer that the participant must consent to such use, but Deltager AS's privacy statement does not cover this type of information collection. Although this type of information can be described as non-personal data (as long as no other data is linked to identify a user), you must contact the organizer for their privacy statement and cookie terms.

In a continuous effort to better understand and serve the users of the Solution, we will compile personal data in order to keep statistics on the use of our solutions. This information will not be used to identify individuals and is therefore considered non-personal data in this privacy statement.

Contact Us:

If you need help or have questions about your privacy, please contact Customer Service on +47 23 27 35 01 during the period 09:00 - 17:00 every weekday or send us an email