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Norges Cup 2-2020, Hardanger Open

Hardanger Handbak Klubb and Norges Bryteforbund invite to Hardanger Open 2020!

VIP guest:

Professional armwrestler from the United States, John Brzenk.


Lindehuset, 5750 Odda, Norway

Friday 13th of March: 17:00 - 20:00

Saturday 14th of March: 08:30 - 10:30

Competition start:

Lindehuset, 5750 Odda, Norway

Saturday 14th of March 11:30.

Weight classes:

First left hand and then right hand. We do not save the finale. We run all the classes directly.

Sub-junior (13-15 years), boys: -60, +60 kg

Sub-junior (13-15 years), girls: Open

Junior18, boys: -70, +70 kg

Junior18, girls: Open

Junior21, boys: -80, +80 kg

Junior21, girls: Open

Senior, men : -70, -80, -90, -100, -110, +110 kg

Senior, women: -60, +60 kg

Para, men: Open

Para, women: Open

Master, men: -80, -95, +95 kg

Master, women: Open

Entry fee:

NOK 200 pr. arm pr. category. Half price for the second category. Fill in and prepay under.

Registration deadline: 29th of February 2020. After this deadline, the entry fee will be doubled.

Who can participate?

Everybody can take part in Hardanger Open except:

Sanctioned Athletes for anti-doping rules violations

"Not in good standing" with WAF

Tables, scorekeeper and referees:

The competition will run on 2 or 3 tables. 

Scorekeeper: Michael Bjerkaas

Head referee: Tom Erik Berg

Referees: (coming)


Hardanger Hotel, Eitremsveien 13, 5750 Odda. Phone: +47 53646464. Email: [email protected]

Trolltunga Hotel, Vasstun 1, 5750 Odda. Phone: +47 40004486. Email: [email protected]

Odda Camping Eide, 5750 Odda. Phone: +47 94141279. Email: [email protected]

Clothing/dress code:

Sportswear. Not jeans or shorts.


World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) rules.


All Norwegian athletes must be a member of the Norges Bryteforbund. Membership can be arranged for the conference day. The athletes must have a license in the Norwegian Wrestling Federation before the start of the event. Optionally, a one-time license, NOK 400, can be purchased for the day.

Referee-fee (Norwegian clubs):

Every participating club must pay a referee-fee to the host (1 participant = 0 NOK, 2-5 participants = 800 NOK, 5 and more = 1000 NOK)

Live stream:

The competition will be streamed live on this channel on YouTube.

Training seminar, 15th of March



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