Nissemann 3 2013/2014

New year 2014 Nisseman ! 

Finally its time to stop eating and start training for the 2014 season. Here is the years first opportunity to burn 4000 calories and start the long road to yor best season ever.

As usual we meet at 08:45 for just over an hour in the pool with intervals giving 2000m +. Then its 2 hours spinning lojng intervals  to the usual array of load rock and club music. Finally we run around an hour out to Isdalen and back. 

After shower and sticky recovery drinks we should be finished before 14:30.

Remember to bring enough kit for a full change between spinning and running as wll as plenty of food and drink to keep your energy up.

***  If you are an SiB member getting the message that you cannot register due to lack of credits, this is due to an error in the registration system. To register as a SiB member please send a mail to [email protected] ***


Sted: SiB Studentsenteret i Bergen
Startdato: 11.01.2014 08:45
Sluttdato: 11.01.2014 14:30
Påmeldingsfrist: 11.01.2014 10:00
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