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Norgesskolen SUMMER 2024

Norgesskolen will take place at Sagavoll boarding school in Telemark, July 15th-July 28th 2024.

Norgesskolen is a two week summer school for the Norwegian language and culture. Norgesskolen is an opportunity to practice the Norwegian language and get a deeper understanding of Norwegian culture and society. We teach the Norwegian language in daily sessions except days we spend in the mountains. In addition students are welcome to join afternoon sessions with focus on the Norwegian language test. Students go on hiking trips and excursions and have a variety of sports and outdoor activities. A stay at Norgesskolen is the beginning of lifelong friendships and is a fun place to learn Norwegian! Norgesskolen is held at Sagavoll boarding school in Gvarv in Telemark region. Both students and teachers live in dormitories on campus.

Norgesskolen is best suited for students in the age group 9-18.

  • Youth living outside of Norway – from all over the world
  • Youth living in Norway who want to expand their Norwegian knowledge
  • Youth with previous knowledge of Norwegian, as well as beginners.
  • Norwegian citizens as well as non-Norwegian citizens.
  • Norwegian youth that would like to participate in an international environment.

For more information please visit our webpage:

To sign up, please fill out the registration form and complete the payment procedure.


Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we will only ask for limited personal or sensitive information in the sign up form. Please contact Director of Norgesskolen ( regarding such matters. 

Cancellation policies  

The need for a concise and predictable cancellation policy has become evident throughout the COVID-19-pandemic. The intention of our policy is to secure your registration with less concern for the unpredictable circumstances resulting from the covid-19 pandemic. 

Please read the cancellation policy on our website:

Registration form

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